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Originally posted by J_Darnley
Could I make a request for for some of the other Winamp Modern colour themes to be ported to the Bento skin. I was trying the other day but I couldn't figure out which groups where which. I will try with the Bento update and see if that helps.
In my package you can found the Varsity theme. I try to port this from winamp modern to bento. It was not so easy to do this and the result is more different to the original. but I can try this again with an other colourtheme from the winamp modern skin.

I forgot to mentioned that the shade modes from my package are very incomplete too.


I think the background from the component tabs also need a colour group.

a extra colour group would be also nice for the songtimer,vis,kbps/khz/stereo text. look at my 'varity' theme, there are these areas a little bit green, but the other text is more yellow than green.

and it would be nice if the scollbars and the player buttons have not the same colour group.

I noticed that at the playlist the selected items have not the same color than the selected items at the media library. I see this also at older winamp versions, so I think its not a bug, its a feature


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