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how can you guys like that stupid winamp2 classic look and the piddly little seeker bar? its like a de- evolution of the winamp5 modern skin, talk about 1 step forward(SUI), and 2 backwards for classic crap style.

and this skin bugs me with its annoying toaster popup crap that defaults to always on, and doesn't matter if you turn it off, it turn its self back on again.. yay, cough* rubbish

[Edit --> DJ Egg]
Wrong thread dude. Please do not hijack the Color Themes thread to bitch about the skin. It's just a skin. If you don't like it, stick to using the Winamp Modern skin instead (it isn't going anywhere). Or use one of the many thousands of other skins available out there. Many users asked for a SingleUI skin. Those who want/like it will use it, those who don't won't.

And I can't reproduce your Notifier problem.
Once set to 'Never' it stays that way for me.
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