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I kinda knew so.

Yeah, good quality under 40% is almost impossible.

Every other plugin for winamp is hopeless (Fourier Pitch Tempo Control, PaceMaker, Nullsoft DSP Effects, Chronotron); they can all fast forward pretty good, but the slow-down is super crappy and doesn't even go under 50% most of the times.

Scaletempo from VLC is very similar to most winamp plugins, but it allows for some control over the algorithm. It kinda does the trick after some messing around with the settings (by default it's optimized for speed-up, so the "stride" is so long it creates echo effects, and just getting it shorter turns into incomprehensible robot).

I think Express Scribe (which is not free) uses an algorithm similar to Procrustes; at 50% the sound is extremely similar (and better than anything else). For me, it's overkill, though, Express Scribe is a dedicated transcription software with tons and tons of needless features to pump up the price.

All I need is a decent slow-down, and I'm living in hope I might get it for free out of the kindness of your heart
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