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Procrustes is available on my website

I have made it available as part of the Winamp Modern Folk Dance Skin at:

It is in the plug-in package along with other useful things. There is an old copy of the Winamp FLAC decoder since the new one does not work with Chronotron.

You might find the Modern Folk Dance Skin to be interesting as I have rethought the old Modern Winamp skin to do all kinds of things. The look and feel is similar with extra functions and some seasonal pictures available. So rather than having different skins for different seasons this one skin allows you to just switch at the press of a button. With just a little editing you can create new skin overlays. In addition it has the ability to put dead space between tracks and even have Winamp stop after any particular track. Along with this is the ability to mark a begining and end point of a particular track so you can repeate it or go back to a specific place. There is also a live time counter that tells you the remaining time in your play list.

It is really designed to be used for recreational dance or dance instruction.

So enjoy Procrustes and check out my skin.
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