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Playlist - what is going on?

As much as I'm excited by a new version, and saddened that this is the final version, I'm wanting to know what's happened to the Playlist.

I normally have my Playlist setup to Enqueue files by Default so they queue up behind what I've already got in my list, but with this new version there appears to be some new "features" that have been added. As song as you double click on some songs, it starts playing them automatically. This is not so bad: to disable it you just go to Preferences > General > File Types > Shell Options > enable the "Add Enqueue & Play" option, then select the "Add files to the queue for delayed playback" option. Easy.

But what have they done with the order of the Playlist? Now when I add a bunch of tracks to a Playlist that already has tracks in it, a sequential list of numbers appears in the Playlist next to each song (next to the time length of each track), and it will play the Playlist in the order that this new numbering system has applied. This means that if I start playing a track further down the queue, and it hasn't gone thru it's other sequential numbers, it will jump back to the first in it's list [1], and won't play the next track in my queue. Geez, if I wanted to have random songs playing then I'd turn on the Shuffle button! I've searched thru the Playlist options in Preferences and there doesn't seem to be any option to turn this off - does anyone know how?

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