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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Hi Victhor,

From where are you getting the info that the pro features of Winamp v5.6.6.3507 will be unlocked without the need to enter a valid registration key?

DrO's post you linked to in post #121 above describes how to enter a key using the app itself (which has always been possible, as DJ Egg discussed), since it can not be done with the installer for the last official version. It does not say a key is not needed.
I refered to DrO´s post because of "the 'full' installer is the same as the 'pro' installer", other sayings and by my own experience, but now that you pointed out to me I checked in other machine and Pro features are not unlocked.. which is strange, since I never had Pro and despite I uninstalled and re-installed the result was the same, I have all features unlocked (and the "Pro" upper part of prefs is missing, despite I don´t use Lite n´winamp).. Anyway, I´m removing that part of my thread till´ it´s clearer..

PS: I obviously asked for confirmation but never got an answer on that..

PS2: Sorry, Egg, apparently I AM dizzy =)
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