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What we meant by the full & pro installers are the same...

Before, the only differences between the two were:

- Full (free) installer had all the bundled crap with it (OpenCandy software offers, Emusic, AOL Search & Toolbar).
- The Pro installer didn't have any of those things.
- The Pro installer had a popup dialog prompting the user to enter the registration key (on clean installs).

Because we've removed all the bundled crap from the free full installer, and because Pro is no longer purchasable,
we felt it was no longer necessary to build the Pro installer and/or make it available.

It has always been the case that you need a valid registration key to unlock the Pro features, even with the Pro installer.
The Pro installer never had the Pro features automatically unlocked.
As always, the key can be entered via Winamp > Prefs > Winamp Pro.

p.s. apology accepted, of course, lol :-)
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