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DJ_MELERIX: the v5.7 release was v5.6x + Cloud services. as thats been stopped (like the rest of Winamp is being) then there is no reason to ship a v5.7 anymore as it was never completed. it was primarily just a numbering difference between the Cloud and non-Cloud releases as we'd try to make clear but that never seem to be understood.

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Hmmm.. think I would have just skipped right on past that version number..
Having been an avid user myself for a long time and the number we were on, it only seemed fitting to show a nod back to the same thing which had been done in earlier versions. I know there are going to be people who won't like it and will refuse to use this build but Winamp itself is identified as 5.66 internally to plug-ins and is just a cosmetic thing.

if its that much of an issue for people, I can make a patch to remove the extra 6 from the ui parts (though would require a small donation to cover the time to do it) but will not be changing the final compiles now.
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