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New major release of Winamp, wow, thanks guys. That's a fantastic late birthday present!

One big bug:
After lots of debugging, and testing strings, I traced it down to a crash in tagz.w5s. The crash is in $sub, which isn't protecting against null strings. %rating% doesn't seem to be working at all, despite ML being active, and due to that, $sub(5,%rating%) will crash the player. (Sometimes it'll just disappear, too.)

Horray, now that I know that I can finally use Winamp again!

Aside from that:
gen_crasher wasn't picking it up because other plugins are overwriting SetUnhandledExceptionFilter for some asinine reason, these ones I found were:


Even with all of them gone, though, the Winamp crash handler never fires, just the generic Windows drwatson. Something weird happening, obviously.

Edit: %rating% is sorta but sorta not working. Add from ml, rating shows. Play, and it's gone. Except once, it showed. I have no idea what's different about that one file, it looks exactly the same as its neighbors as far as I can tell; I made them all from the same CD.
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