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Been using Winamp since ver. 0.8 (or was it 0.9? long ago). It's the one program that's been synonymous with digital music since MPEG-3 was invented. Was sad to hear it go away, but happy to see it come back. No clue who you are, Radiononmy, but please do a better job at keeping our baby alive than AOL did. And if you ever want some ideas for marketing or branching into hardware, I've got a few of them.

My only request is to not change the UI too much, or atleast leave an option for the classic UI, it's simply not Winamp without the old brushed grey look. Also please fix the URL load problems. The AOL versions load the URL in IE instead of allowing Windows to load the default browser (it's simply a matter of calling the URL instead of calling the program to run the URL).

I also don't use WinAmp for video, it just gets all weird and glitchy with some codecs, and it's really bad at staying synced on DVDs. But for the MPC:HC questions:

Media Player Classic uses FFDShow codecs I think, or at least they did but it doesn't have the preference options that Winamp has. Can you go back or forward five or ten seconds, as I recall that wasn't possible but that was a few years ago. Same with WMP. I'd hate to see Winamp drop video support then I'd definitely have to stay on the current version.
Not being able to skip back and forth is a problem with the WMV codec, and it only gets worse as you go up in quality. It has nothing to do with what player you use. Skipping IS possible on WMV, but it requires the player to reread the file from the beginning to figure out where to find the frames you're skipping to, and then it usually takes more time to get audio and video synced. It can be quickened by caching the whole file, but no sensible programmer would load gigabytes of video into memory just in case you wanted to fast forward. (Atleast the Vegas player does it that way, assume it's what causes real media players to have the same problem)

This is not an issue with any other video codec, on MPC or any other video player (can't speak for VLC though, since it's overhyped and terribly designed that I refuse to use.). H.264 encoded MP4s and MKV will skip instantly, even QT files don't have nearly as much skip lag. Atleast when the splitters are set up correctly.
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