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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
Geronimo65: see the start of the thread for links and ensure you also install the dll patches once the main installer is run.

vegdelicious: nice words or support though I have to say that by staying on such an old Winamp version (which doesn't bear thinking about from the memory and security issues let alone the lack of proper tagging and unicode support, etc) is one of the key reasons why Winamp was going to be shuttered as there's no need to keep a dev team if people only use versions from over 11 years ago. and it's not hard to get a 2.9x experience with the current 5.666 release.
I've been using the 2.9 version because I don't want Winamp to be my Video player or whatever. WInamp to me is on my computers for one reason . To play my mp3 files. Never had issues of security with it. I understand your point with the dvs etc but each individual uses Winamp as it chooses. If we are going to think about devs and etc ... Sorry but on my computers I want to have the software that I choose . Another example. I have linux fedora in several computers and for mp3 files I have Guayadeque Music Player. It's the real alternative for Linux people. I meant this because I tried so hard to convince the Devs you talk about to make a linux version of Winamp but they never DID! Winamp can be even more popular if they make a version for Linux, Android, Mac ... Staying only with Windows is bad for any software...
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