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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
and like was always the case, you can just not install the video parts (or anything else you don't like which was always maintained as a key of Winamp irrespective of who has owned it). and more importantly with 5.666, you can set an explicit ini setting to force disable video support (which is otherwise disabled if no video aspects are detected for most of the 5.x clients), hence you get a current and supported version of Winamp that will just play audio.

as such your long live Winamp comment is at complete odds since if you only ever use 2.95 or whatever old version, there's no point in me busting a nut to create a non-AOL version or anyone else providing official support as you (and all of the other people who didn't want to see Winamp go but only use v2.x) are not going to use it and it's then just a waste of people's time to even attempt to make it.

i doubt my point is going to be accepted but for Winamp to survive, people need to use it and if people don't, then we go straight back to what AOL was going to do and shutter it completely. but i guess if all of the people who commented about it and not wanting it to go only seemed to be v2.x users, it doesn't really make sense for anyone to consider such users if they're 11yrs behind where Winamp now is.

PUT WINAMP TO OTHER PLATFORMS ... 6 years ago i wrote to Winamp .. I said make a Linux version people will use it. We are millions using linux. We made an alternative to winamp on linux cause people on Winamp didnt care about anything but Windows platform. Was their mistake. Now I hope Radionomy will make a Linux , Android, Iphone versions cause it's the ONLY WAY TO SURVIVE...
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