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There's already a Winamp for Android app and a Winamp for Mac (Beta) player, so it's not true that we only care about Windows.
Afaik, we also plan on making an iOS app at some point.

As for Linux....

1.5% of the OS market share in Mar 2014

Re: Still using Winamp 2.9

Loads of useful/essential (i.e. non-bloat) features have been added since Winamp 2.9

Even for mp3 support alone, there's been the following:
- Unicode filename/title support
- Album art support (incl. reading of embedded art)
- POPM ratings support
- Extended ID3v2.3 frames read/write support, reading of v2.4 frames
- APEv2 tag support
- Native gapless playback support
- mp3surround support
- 24bit playback support
- ReplayGain support (read/write)
- Native transcoding support
- ID3v2 streaming metadata support
- Heaps of performance optimizations
- Heaps of security (some critical) & bug fixes

As DrO said, it is very easy to get Winamp 5.666 to look and feel just like v2.9
by using the (still native/built-in) Classic skin
and unchecking unrequired plug-ins/features in the installer set-up.

Winamp 5.666 can be just an mp3 player like 2.9, except a million times better.

If I had to hazard a guess, it would only be a relatively small percentage of the overall userbase that are still using 2.9.
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