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I posted what is Winamp to me and what I wanted from Winamp nad never had Winamp Linux. Winamp only saw $$$$$ MONEY that's why it went downhill.... As for you people hating on me .. I do what I want on my computers and I have the Winamp that I want to have. I dont care about all that software of 5.6. I hated so much when they trashed 2.9 version and went to that 3 version and then to 5. On that moment the road to go downhill started. Winamp player is good but those who saw only $$$ ...
As for the rest I dont want a 5.6 version with 17 MB . I want 2.9 with 2.4 MB . The purpose of Winamp to me is ONLY play mp3. That's it. I don't care about anything else. ANd that talk about virtual box... I am on linux I don't use Windows software ever... I have only one laptop with windows dualbooting because there are two softwares I use for design purposes. The only software besides those 2 is winamp. I sincerely hope Radionomy will provide a Linux Version of Winamp.
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