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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
and like was always the case, you can just not install the video parts... doesn't really make sense for anyone to consider such users if they're 11yrs behind where Winamp now is.
WinAmp.. WinAMP..

These among others are common trends in the forums and seems like users aren't learning or evolving with what Winamp have become through the years. Internet people is lazy, no doubt, but we should consider that AOL didn't do its best to properly "educate" its own users; from incomplete / secret Wasabi documentation to constant absence in Social networks (FB, Twitter, DeviantArt, Dribbble, etc), or even disabling submission's feedback, AOL has a big part of the blame on how the userbase began to split, stick to one particular version or directly dropping Winamp for other player. So last 5, 6 or 8 years AOL/Nullsoft didn't really communicate with users, so it's not strange if some wrong behaviours and ideas grew up.. (only the forums where left alive, but only a small percentage of people went there, so it became a bubble of opinions.. and even that would go neglected over the years..)

But what's passed is passed and there is no point in discussing about how it was or what it could've been. But it does help to see how things can be improved or do better this time (specially if there are still around people like you and Egg, who went through those years inside/along Winamp).

If there is people, money and willing to do things right, now is the chance to accompanny the user, make it participative, educate it. Even more if some changes are going to be implemented (whether it's small or big).
I know there are a lot of things still to be fixed and decided, but leaving the communication channels only opened in these forums is doing more of the same mistakes, like you said, this is a bubble and the real (numerous) users are actually out there, using Facebook, Google +, Tumblr, Pinterest, CGHub, etc.

I hope to see Winamp not only changing its technology and bussiness strategy, I hope to see it radically change how it sees its users and what it does to "communicate" with them (since, obviously, they are the main reason to maintain this ancient media player alive..).
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