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Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
We already have Facebook & Twitter accounts, both which have been quite active for a number of years.
Yes, I'm aware of that, but I'm not talking about just having an account there and post "news", I'm talking about putting it to good use. For example, when v5.66x came out, the news of the shut down flooded the forum and most people didn't really noticed how damn good that release was. An infography / graphic posted everywhere (FB, Twitter, etc) highlighting the key fixes & features would've been really cool and last 6 / 8 months of dev' s work wouldn't go so unnoticed (or it would -the closing notice was too omnipresent- but not SO MUCH as it was).
Or a post / gfx with "Do you know you can disable all video features now?". Or "10 reasons to switch to the last version of Winamp". Or not even new content, just pour on facebook some of Winamp's wiki or blog, in a well organized, structured way and it would be really helpful.
TBH I thought about doing some of this myself (in this forum), but ended up trying to build something alike with Winampers and in Winamp enthusiasts last months.

But, beyond ideas, it would be ideal to have more people directly assigned to "hear the community" and create content, for example. I think it would be worth and solve -at least- some of the feedback / communication problems Winamp had over the last years (one of which is how messed up are this forums and how so much old / useless / outdated information is found along current news..).
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