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there were reasons which cannot be gone into as to why there wasn't things posted to facebook, etc for the 5.66x release. but definitely it would have been good even for the 5.64 and 5.65 ones to have something done, but again, the reasons why it didn't happen cannot be gone into.

as for the forums with new vs old content, people baulked at the idea of a fresh start / tidy up when it was looking like the forums were going to be shutdown (and all of the unauthorised scraping of the forum data - which i still don't like having happened, but nothing can be done about it now despite never agreeing to it).

and that is why the aspect was being setup to act as a place for relevant and current information in-conjunction with the forums / wiki. but yes, a lot should be ditched / updated, but it's a matter of time and resources and Egg can't have the amount of caffeine needed to achieve it sure others should help, but as some of the ideas which have been flung around aren't viable (help links to a wiki on everything in the prefs for example), it's probably something that would need to be refreshed depending on what happens with the clients (and done ideally in-conjunction with such changes).
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