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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
..see what might be the reaction to possible changes or ideas that are being floated about...
Great to hear this, I'm writing it down.. hehe (and it will probably get back in form of a long boring thread ).

Originally Posted by DrO View Post Winamp realistically has to change..
..i know is going to annoy some people or cause a load of abuse to be posted, but there are reasons why things have to change (which i know some will really not like) and that's just the way it has to go if Winamp is going to survive and remain relevant.
Hopefully, some will stay with their old 2.9x without giving much about the news, some will be happy with new changes and some will jump on board because of the new features & changes. In any case, there is not much to loose, you can't keep everyone happy (not even "the majority", Winamp is too fragmented to aim to that) and not taking this chance to improve / implement new stuff, would be a crime..
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