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I believe I was the first to suggest a single "w" on each dialog in prefs to correspond to a blank wiki page that users (who were granted permission to do so) could edit.

I still believe that is a great idea.

i also really was unaware that winamp had a FB page, i don't think I've been there. egg, why not put it in your sig?

some other ideas I've had:

in bento, make prefs its own tab, instead of a separate dialog, and stick all options in it, instead of hidden in other various and non-obvious places in the app. also, add extra Media Library tags, so you could switch between them. and, in conjunction with the above, add a wiki browser tab, and a tab to any official online help.

BUG #1 = Winamp skips short tracks
Wish #1 = Multiple Column Sorting
Wish #2 = Add TCMP/Compilation editing
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