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i'm pretty sure you'd said that you wanted every item on the page had to have a link to the wiki which is why it would not happen as links for everything is an absolute nightmare to implement. if you're just wanting a help button on the top of the prefs dialog and then clicking on an item from that takes you to a wiki / help page then that's more feasible, but is still a lot of work (and after the shutting down of websites / wikis, i'm somewhat hesitant to introduce more web-based aspects especially when it comes to help). and if help is needed for an option, then there's clearly something wrong with the option (either it's naming or just what it does).

in bento, make prefs its own tab, instead of a separate dialog, and stick all options in it, instead of hidden in other various and non-obvious places in the app.
not following on this - what separate dialog are you referring to? the main preferences window?

add extra Media Library tags, so you could switch between them
not following what you mean.

and, in conjunction with the above, add a wiki browser tab, and a tab to any official online help.
adding extra tabs for something like that would not be good for the ui. and it's already possible to get to help via the main right-click / help menu which will open in the browser tab / external browser depending on the skin which is easier to leave as-is and doesn't add extra ui elements that will just be complained about.
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