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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
i'm pretty sure you'd said that you wanted every item on the page had to have a link to the wiki which is why it would not happen as links for everything is an absolute nightmare to implement. if you're just wanting a help button on the top of the prefs dialog and then clicking on an item from that takes you to a wiki / help page then that's more feasible, but is still a lot of work (and after the shutting down of websites / wikis, i'm somewhat hesitant to introduce more web-based aspects especially when it comes to help).
I'm for whatever is easiest to develop and maintain, and I leave it to the wise men to decide, but all I am saying is that something would be better than the nothing we have now.

my best suggestion atm, is for a little "w" to grace each dialog in ctrl-p that links to a wiki page explaining each option in the pref that only authorized users can edit. (the wiki page would need an anchor to each dialog)

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
not following on this - what separate dialog are you referring to? the main preferences window?
when you ctrl-p you get a small, constrained, separate dialog pop up. I am suggesting that it would be better if those prefs were in a tab in bento, the same way media library or video is in a tab.

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
not following what you mean.
again, in bento, there is a single media library tab. I would like to, at least have the option, to have more than one ML tab.

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
adding extra tabs for something like that would not be good for the ui. and it's already possible to get to help via the main right-click / help menu which will open in the browser tab / external browser depending on the skin which is easier to leave as-is and doesn't add extra ui elements that will just be complained about.
they could be turned on/off in prefs, but I think they make sense to have on by default, so that the wiki / help / prefs / etc is all right there, right in front of you. you could also add a tab to the forums.

I believe anything would be better than the current wasted blank space to the right of the last tab. interestingly, playlists is one example where you can have it as a tab or not, so why not at least give the option for other things?

but the primary reason isn't just to not waste space, but to rather provide a better experience for the user. I gather you disagree, but it is my opinion that it would be better.

and I def understand that users will complain, but they ALWAYS complain, no matter what you do. as you said elsewhere, maybe its time to break with the old, and I couldn't agree more. I think winamp is held back by irrelevant notions. I think that's actually the easy part to figure out. the hard part is in figuring out in what direction to go forward.

obviously, you don't want to create an entirely new winamp experience, b/c winamp already does so many things right. so imo, the question is what should change, and why?

radionomy has not said to users what its goals are, but here is a goal I would put at the top of the winamp to do list, if only for survival reasons:

create a winamp store.

or as I call it, "winapp."

the purpose of this goal, is to create a place where all mods, be they skins, plugins, what have you must be bought. in this way 3rd party devs have an incentive to create, and winamp gets a cut. make it impossible to run something 3rd party (outside of a trial period) outside of the store, so that users must pay to play.

if you did something like that, I could see, for example, someone creating a plugin for like $1.99 to connect to the BBC, stuff like that. they get paid, u get a cut, and you did nothing but provide the conduit. the possibilities are really endless. audio processing, recording, etc. and you would have the power to approve or not each app.

it would also solve the now silly issue of what to do about old add ons. we all know, there is nothing to be done except stop trying to support them. it is time to move on. the dev either keeps the app current in the winapp store, or it goes away. elegant, simple, straightforward.

I would also force users to update the winamp main client going forward. I don't think that's a big deal, as long as its done smartly. while winamp is running it should check for new versions every couple of hours, and if it find one, DLs. then, the next time winamp is exited, then started, it is SILENTLY updated, with a simple dialog simply stating "please wait while winamp is improved"

I have lots of ideas, but that enough for now, esp since I doubt the reaction to these will be all that positive.

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