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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
..embedding the preferences into a tab is just a mass of work and offers little to no benefit that i can see.
You can't see it, but it does have some, you are the one who says users don't bother to change default skin or don't know it's possible, so giving power to the default UI is quite a big deal and should, in theory, report much benefits or power and should be considered as a 1st option to solve some of the "access problems".

In fact I think what Sinatra says points to something already present in default skins but that could be far better implemented or expanded at least:

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Anyway, although I like Sinatra's idea, I also feel that is not really doable with the system as it is. Meaning, if I'm not wrong, it should be done through MAKI, and so it would not only be a pain in the ass to code but also it wouldn't be dynamic (any change applied to the system would have to be manually applied to the scripts..).
So, the idea is good, Zune player has it, and it works like a charm, but Winamp's current engine isn't prepared for something like this.. (or it is, but it would require a big team just to mantain the desktop app, and sadly I don't think that's the idea of Radionomy's devs..)

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
i don't see how that would even be useful when you can only have one library. i expect i am completely missing something with this wish...
I think he refers to have another ML tab at the SAME TIME (I see some uses for it, like comparing / managing albums for 2 different searchs or artists at the same time..).


In the end, I'm sure there are a lot of good ideas / suggestions or possible ways to be heading to, but the question is, how much people is/will be available to apply it? Most of the good ideas / suggestions I see require at least 2 or 3 devs devoted only to the desktop app.. :/ (so that's why I think most are rejected or not being quite welcomed, independently of its usefulness).

And one more (and no more!):

Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
and I def understand that users will complain, but they ALWAYS complain, no matter what you do. as you said elsewhere, maybe its time to break with the old, and I couldn't agree more. I think winamp is held back by irrelevant notions. I think that's actually the easy part to figure out. the hard part is in figuring out in what direction to go forward.
Totally agree, to this matter, this is and interesting reading.. (perfectly synthesized in):

"..And so the usual comment comes: users hate change. ... If users hated change, Google would have failed, and we’d be happy with Altavista."
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