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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
it's more often related to shared dlls across the system and as we're generally self-contained, it's less likely to be something that we'd fall under.
Thank you for the clarification. Of the 164 modules my Winamp installation loads (or uses) at startup, only 63 are shared dlls. Most of these were already loaded by the OS or my AV app. So that explains why subsequent Winamp reloads are not noticeably faster.

Thanx also for the tip about the task manager, it means my Winamp exits even faster than my rough measurement indicates. I was using my eyes and the stopwatch function on my wristwatch, so my measurements were not very precise anyway.

I think it's kinda shallow for users to judge an app of this kind on it's loading speed (when it's only a few seconds). Maybe the faster loading ones are not providing much of anything feature-wise. Exit speed is more important, if relying on the OS to shutdown Winamp and other apps when rebooting or turning off the computer. The time the OS allocates for this can be increased by hacking the registry, but the average user would not know how (or want) to do this. For safety sake, I shutdown apps and wait a few seconds before rebooting or turning off my computer.

Anyway, I'm confident you can work on these aspects without it detracting from the other work. Good luck on further decreasing these times.

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