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ChiggyChiggy: I'd assume so and the need to pay licensing would be removed for all cases but I'm not 100% sure (as that side of things is still somewhat murky).

kzuse: it permanently hides it like the option says there is info for the help item for the control which says how to get it back, but will probably need to show it on the control text (as you have to edit winamp.ini), though we'd need to add it on the main help docs as I doubt anyone will remember if its removed after using that as its doing what it says which is what the initial implementation does by default in 5.666 or when no video support was auto detected. as I was tempted to not even have that option but its sort of needed so unless used you can re-enable support as wanted (but I need to refine the handling a bit more for lite installs since it should just fully hide by default for those install types).

as for the name, I'm not sure and changes had already been made to just have the menu items be "About Winamp..." for example and anything just refers to Winamp without a Nullsoft or Radionomy prefix so as to make Winamp more prominent. as Nullsoft had no real meaning other than for some business purposes from what I understand.
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