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with the menus, with modern skins they generally didn't show 'Nullsoft' in the applicable menu items and was only on the main menu that it showed. so whilst making some changes to make it more obvious if you're in safe mode or not, the ones with a Nullsoft reference were changed to just refer to Winamp. which helps make the ui a bit more consistent amongst itself (which is another one of those age old complaints of classic vs modern) as even the menus weren't being consistent for the 'about' dialog access i.e. modern skins shows 'about winamp...' and the main menu was 'nullsoft winamp...' which doesn't make it obvious what the second option is there for.

with the disable support, with 5.666 build 3516 you have to set no_video=1 to disable it (which blocks all video aspects and completely hides the preferences page). this is just forcing what happens with any install when no video formats are detected from the input plug-ins.

what the changes proposed do is make it possible to access that new ini option via the preferences ui but alter things a bit so it's still possible to see the preference page so you can re-enable video support if previously disabled. the second option is there for those who really don't want it and if enabled, makes it act like build 3516, but this time around sets no_video=2 (and it's this option which would need to be edited to get the support back if wanted later on). as the intention is that if you want it all disabled, you're ok with having to manually edit things to get the functionality back.

hope that makes things a bit clearer.


and with the startup timings that were talked about a few posts back. i found last night that with my dev setup, gen_ml is taking typically 250-300ms to get through the load metric i showed with an external classic skin, but when using the built-in classic skin, it changes to 500-600ms to get through it which is very strange as would expect there to be no noticeable difference irrespective of the classic skin type (built-in or external).

so am a bit at the moment as to why that is the case for an almost doubling in loading time. that is going to be an interesting one to track down i think...
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