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i'm not seeing how Winamp Pro relates to Virtual DJ Pro? as none of what is present in the existing Winamp Pro (from the AOL provided versions) has any effect on streaming / media playback compared to the non-pro version of Winamp. so a bit of clarification on your message would be helpful as i'm somewhat confused by it.

it may have been 4 months since the sale went through, but there's been other things going on (e.g. the whole migration and remedial work on the SHOUTcast backend which took a while) as well as there's a lot of research into licensing, product development, etc which prevents providing a new client or doing anything active on coding. and realistically, it's going to be a while before a non-AOL version of Winamp is provided (and it's not like v5.666 build 3516 + dll patches isn't a bad version to be using anyway especially as a lot of the AOL specific aspects had already been removed).
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