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as much as you want to knock Winamp under the days of it's AOL ownership, which took it from a shareware product to becoming free product for all with v2.5 (with some compromises as everything tends to have eventually added) to it's peak with v5.5, that without them it would have long ago gone the way of other players from the time when Winamp originated.

yes there were mistakes made with how things were done, but that's in the past and it's time to move on (whether the changes will be seen as good or bad is yet to be seen still). and for the most part, Winamp was generally left to it's own devices until the last few years, so all of the negativity is somewhat excessive and should just be dropped (especially if you don't know what was done internally to keep out the more viral junk) as what's done is done and now we have to see where the rivers of time take us.
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