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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
as much as you want to knock Winamp under the days of it's AOL ownership, which took it from a shareware product to becoming free product for all with v2.5 (with some compromises as everything tends to have eventually added) to it's peak with v5.5, that without them it would have long ago gone the way of other players from the time when Winamp originated.
I remember reading an insider comment about the whole AOL buying winamp and whatnot. Wish I can remember where I read it. But back when AOL purchased winamp, AOL I was big on start-ups and actually had big plans for Winamp and it's future, that all fell through after the TW-AOL merger where the cultures clashed and old money won, essentially ending AOL's ventures in start-ups... So I would knock TimeWarner instead...

I really want to find where I read all that, it was a really good read... Made me believe if the TW-AOL merger never happened AOL and Winamp would be much bigger players on the internet today than they are now.
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