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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
and with the startup timings that were talked about a few posts back. i found last night that with my dev setup, gen_ml is taking typically 250-300ms to get through the load metric i showed with an external classic skin, but when using the built-in classic skin, it changes to 500-600ms to get through it which is very strange as would expect there to be no noticeable difference irrespective of the classic skin type (built-in or external).

so am a bit at the moment as to why that is the case for an almost doubling in loading time. that is going to be an interesting one to track down i think...
Originally Posted by garetjax View Post
So, yea I can see your point there is something funky...
looks like i've found the cause of the gen_ml weirdness and it stems from a loading order conflict in gen_jumpex with its processing of the shell's enqueue and play option (still not sure why the processing for that was causing the delay i was seeing ).

though changing when that handling is done (along with some other aspects which can be done later on once Winamp is actually loaded) has had the effect of halving my load time for gen_jumpex (down from typically 45-50ms to 20-25ms) and gen_ml is now consistently loading in 80-90ms (which is including the time to load all of the media library plug-ins) instead of in the 300-600ms range i was generally getting from it for the last few days.

so that's got me a ~500ms loading time saving with not too much effort (yay). will be interesting to see if it'll be noticeable on other setups...

as the next thing to look at as the slowest thing on loading is gen_ff (which isn't going to be simple) as that is generally taking 500ms (Winamp Modern) and 700ms (Bento) to load.
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