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I have used WinAmp forever. Or so it seems. I am old. Now I am not one who accepts change when it first presents itself. But change I do, even if it is 1 OS behind the current. I have upgraded Winny over the years. Even if not right away. Although most software is alpha and beta tested before release i watched with a weathered eye for its performance. With that said, Vegdelicous humors me to no end. I found myself laughing loudly, to my wife's irritation, at his comments. I would think he would find solace in windows 3.1 or 95. And I still have the discs, floppy or otherwise, for both those systems. I don't know why I've kept them. But it doesn't mean I still use them.

On a serious note. I have never cared to much for the video feature. So I don't use it. It is a great mp3 player. It's the only one I've ever used. Well once I realized how inadequate WMP was.

As new features go, this is usually how it happens for me. Wow cool that didn't happen in the previous version. Or crap I don't like that. That didn't happen in the previous version. Either way it causes me to explore the program further.

Looking forward to the new release, even if I wont use it right away.
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