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Dudes theres one thing that frightens the crap out me about what ever future release of Winamp, will the future versions of Winamp that use FreeDB instead of CDDB be as competent as the ones that used Gracenote, or would it basically be back to the days of having to do your own tagging? CDDB manages to detect things so perfectly most of the time its almost scary (say, a file with no tags or info to relate it to the song at all will 80% of the time get its tags right).

Winamp's metadata looker is the only one that i know of thats worth even mentioning about because its useable...not to mention there isnt almost any other of its class (except 2 other shareware applications that dont even work well), and theres MediaMonekeys tagger thats depressing to use to say the least. Minus the fact that it crashes on some files and doesnt have the option to give you multiple options, its almost perfect, and if it was a separate application if buy it in a heartbeat.

When and if the next future version of Winamp is released, will the current versions that use Gracenote stop working? Will they go the same way the "Now playing" page of Winamp has gone?

Before knowing about Winamps tagger i didnt bother to use a powerful media player like Winamp because my files had no tags and it would look like a heap of mess, so i used to stick with a player called AIMP3 since its media library uses the file name, but after Winamp whipped 80% of my library back to shape i dont think i could ever even think of going back to something so basic.
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