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the aim is to make everything work as feature complete as before (or to resolve the issues with the prior implementations where possible). as a Musicbrainz based setup is what is being considered and that you can still override the automatic information obtained (under the existing setup and the new setup), it shouldn't be something to worry about.

as for what will happen to old versions using the Gracenote implementation, it's unclear when those will stop working. as it's usage had been licensed upto 2015 iirc, but as that's an agreement between AOL and Gracenote, if it's maintained until then is not under our control and isn't something that will be maintained (as i've mentioned previously).

so potentially it'll stop working on old clients when the allowed access expires (when that'll be its really not known), by which time there should be a new Winamp client available with comparable / improved functionality in that area.

and Winamp's implementation also crashes (not for everyone, but enough to be the top crash issue that comes through) as we found out too late that the Gracenote SDK we were using went end of life (i.e. no fix available) and without a re-write wouldn't be able to use the newer SDK they have which does resolve the crash issue. which is why completely changing the service used is better in the long run when a re-write was needed even if Gracenote was going to be kept.

as for the now playing page (and most of the other online services), it will come back (though some of the other pages may not), but there's a lot of things that need to be decided on, designed and obtained. though am somewhat surprised to see a mention to now playing when the general view on feedback is that people don't like it, heh.
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