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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
What's not to like? It and the show info panel (which uses a little screen space) are useful even if every possible artist is not supported. The show info panel can be turned off and no one is forced to use the now playing page, so I don't understand the negativity.
the info panel wasn't too bad and had its merit (which was force disabled with 5.66x), but the now playing node was really just a way to drive site and ad traffic and never felt integrated making it a jarring experience imho (and when it had a phase of playing audio ads cemented my dislike of it).

if anything it'd be better as a separate window / area than a node in the library which prevents access to the local library or other aspects e.g. like the file info area of the bento skins (could even be put in the area where artwork can be shown below the playlist editor, though I suspect that is a bit cPro like).
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