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Good to see you sorting the Winamp issues out guys. AOL Music suck!!!

How on earth they allowed everybody's favourite Llama die like that is nuts! A clear example if ever there was one of a huge company buying the little guys to close them down eventually leaving the huge companies even huger due to people's appetite for music & movie downloads. A bizarre old thing like watching a good friend slowly die whilst I sit and suck up all the oxygen. I'll do all I can to assist. People are constantly questioning where Winamp went or where it is, I'm just glad I saved the very last download.

Winamp is a cash cow waiting to be milked, you could even revolutionise the download market by reducing the DL fee to around 49p(UK) or 69c(US) etc. There is no need for greedy corporations to bleed people dry charging stupid prices when there is no need for it.

I don't mind really, charge what you like if you are going down the music download route to raise revenue's.

I truly hope with all that I am, that you guys manage to put Winamp right back where it once was, on the top of the heap.

Llama's love heights, they need height up their ass baby.

Peace amigo's.
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