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As a long time user of winamp, I have only two requests/concerns/suggestions. Unlike the previous winamps please for the love of god allow us relative file locations in playlists instead of absolute ones for our media files. That and an easy way to import our old playlists. I can't even begin to explain how utterly annoying/frustrating it was to have to completely recreate all our playlists from scratch every time we installed a new version or our drive letters changed for whatever reason.

Example: changing thousands of xml entries by hand/find/replace from:
c:\users\name\mp3s\yada yada
to d:\users\name\mp3s\yada yada
instead of just having a simple built in function to tell it "hey \users\name\mp3s\yada yada changed drives".

It is the nature of computing and windows in particular to move file locations on a regular basis, in a futile attempt to keep everything organized. Audio and video make up a large part of that for many people. Winamp keeping up with it would be a godsend.

(Also, as a side note, a user friendly color theme editor built in would be a very nice touch too).
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