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Originally Posted by Kamyk View Post
It is the nature of computing and windows in particular to move file locations on a regular basis, in a futile attempt to keep everything organized.
Since you concede that it's "a futile attempt to keep everything organized", then why move things on a regular basis? I assume you mean some sort of logical (storage scheme) organization. Providing metadata in the audio files and/or their media library records allows Winamp's default and custom smartviews to present them in all sorts of ways, despite their physical locations. Winamp's ability to sort and present audio files in many ways is one of it's greatest strengths.

I concede that managing music video files by their metadata is a problem. There are apps available for managing movies and tv shows. I'm currently using "Media Companion" (link below). It lets me organize my copies of movies and tv shows and invoke Winamp to play them.

When you move things and break your playlists, "listFix()" (link below) is a nice little app that can repair them. Even if you only used playlists created within the Winamp media library you can get to them in the "Users/<your profile name>/Appdata/Roaming/Winamp/Plugins/ML/Playlists" folder. Shutdown Winamp first. These playlists have alphanumeric names that Winamp creates to internally associate with the 'user friendly' names used in the media library.

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