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Winamp does save relative filepaths in playlists it creates if the playlist is saved to the same drive and has done that for years. so as long as the playlist is maintained on the same drive (and ideally in the same folder structure as the media it references) then importing / using those playlists should stay working (unless the actual files move). and I know that works since its how I've used playlists created by Winamp since 1999.

as for importing of the playlists, you need to use the original playlist when importing them into Winamp's library (assuming you're using 5.66x) instead of allowing Winamp to maintain its own copy. that way you at most just need to update the location of those playlists instead of having to re-do the whole of the playlist as it sounds like you're doing.

using both those steps will minimise what you have to keep updating. however constantly moving things around is never a good idea and I'm not following why you feel you have to keep doing it as you're just causing yourself more work and will make it more likely that playlists will break.
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