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Yeah, there's always going to be massive polarity on things like embedded artwork. Personally, I like it because it means if you copy just the mp3, you get the mp3 and artwork as well. Same with things like compilation tags being on the file vs a library database file.

And yeah, using something that's kinda working and reverse engineering it into a working product actually sounds like it's easier in terms of getting a product working quickly. Then rewrite as needed to eventually phase in all new, more optimized code that is guaranteed to work properly.

I am also for the option having to be turned on. Like the media library having to be turned on or the equalizer being turned on, if someone wants it, they tell it to do it as opposed to telling it not to do it. I think (it's been a while since I installed iTunes) iTunes enables it by default, but there is a way to tell it not to.

That's also why I brought up foobar2000, it only changes file data, not file names by default. You have to tell it if you want it to, and how you want it to, rename and move files around. It also doesn't do it unless you explicitly activate a menu option to rename/move files. I personally would be for that style, where if you update a bunch of file tags, then right click on the files and "Update file name / directories" instead of it doing it all the time like iTunes/WMP.
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