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ok, so the first thing i notice is that it lists CAF and m4a as in the cd ripping and format convertor. i'm assuming thats as expected, as is that the plugin/encoder does not show up in the ctrl-p prefs, right?

i ripped a CD track to CAF. seemed to create a file that looked right, around 12 meg.

winamp won't play it. CAF seems to be under the nullsoft waveform decoder, do i need to adjust?

also, can't you just put the raw ALAC into a m4a container that is already handled by winamp? i admit i don't know how it works, but i thought m4a container handling (incl creating and deciphering) was already implemented by winamp? just trying to save you from having to learn the whole m4a file spec, and instead just figure how to get the raw audio inside what winamp already does, but again i'm likely just ignorant of how it actually works.

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