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Originally Posted by thinktink View Post
I never did contact Benski as my preliminary research into libmp4v2 revealed that it seems to exclusively deal with files already on the drive, which doesn't work very well for a standard Winamp encoder. If memory serves, DrO described one of the encoders that ships with Winamp that just outputs dummy data to Winamp and writing the actual file contents to a temporary location and then swapping the file in once the data is finalized, I'm guessing that encoder uses the libmp4v2 library.

This is a true because of the limitations of the Winamp Encoder API (it was originally designed for real-time SHOUTcast encoding and not really meant for file encoding, hence all the little added functions and quirks along the way). The M4A encoder does indeed send back dummy data while at the same time making a temp file. It's not all that bad, though.
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