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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
yeah, i did read that previously, and perhaps i'm just not getting the under the hood technicality, but my point is that winamp can decode successfully completely different codecs in the same container type, like aac or mp3 or ALAC in a m4a, so why can't it do the same type thing with CAF? like wav or ALAC in a CAF?

again, i'm probably just ignorant of the under hood mechanics, but it seems to me if it can for the one, it could (should be able to?) for the other...?

AFAIK, the plugin in_mp4.dll uses several WASABI components for decoding different codecs from within the same mp4/m4a container format files which is dynamically mutable.

AFAIK, with the dll that handles CAF files, it seems to always assume that all CAF files are always uncompressed with hard-coded handlers for the various formats supported by the CAF container. To support CAF files with ALAC data in them the dll that handles the CAF files would have to be recoded to recognize the codec and then call a codec handler, which currently does not exist for CAF apparently.

It should be noted that the information I'm providing is completely inferred by me by the dll's that I've found in the Winamp install folder.

That's not something I can change.

Yes, you're asking questions that requires under-the-hood knowledge to understand the answer to.

Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post

also curious as to my first question... i can't test at the moment but even if you just answered that one in theory it would be useful. thx again!
The container format itself supports tagging so if Winamp could handle a CAF encoded ALAC file then tags would automatically work (theoretically.)
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