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Originally Posted by Alphasee View Post
I think, realistically, it needs a new name/brand. It's just been too long, and no matter what happens, it's been long enough those that have kept their hopes up will simply complain or contrast what is and isn't there.

I do like that it's returning a bit more to its roots, but the heavy windows API reliance concerns me for the simple fact people use apps that are OS nonspecific.
OS-nonspecific applications tend to be slow and clunky, and/or with reduced functionality. I hate how modern software is often web-based when it comes to the user interface. Software built around "QT" has okay-ish performance, but the install size and memory use is larger than necessary, and the UI widgets don't feel quite right. I only use such software when there is no good Windows-native alternative. I do use SMPlayer and VLC, but that's about it. I have recently wiped the last piece of "GTK" software and the runtime off my system with a relief.

With a new name, the new developers would surely surely feel free to make a dumbed down product, with all the downsides of modern software: flatâ„¢ design, slow performance, overall "webbiness" feel. Most functions currently in the core would be left for plugin developers to implement. And the sum of all the respective plugins would be several times the size of the entire player as it is now. Firefox and Chromium are like that, compared to old Opera, for example.

Mac and cellphone users can select another media player. There must be numerous alternatives.

I don't know how REAPER feels on Mac computers, and whether it is as efficient and complete. The Windows version does feel complete native. Its size is also reasonable. That is a good example of dual platform sofware, that doesn't rely on "web" components.
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