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Hi, I have been using Winamp since it was v1.61. But, for the last 10 years I have used nothing but VLC player for anything video and winamp just for audio.

I have spent over 15K on my sound system and only use winamp. I have recently moved to Win 10 and have noticed that I can't make Winamp the default audio player. I am also having trouble with file association (win10 fault) so choosing just enqueue in winamp is buggy as hell.
Here is my list of "Minimum Must Haves" for a V6 winamp. Which I would be happy to pay $10 - $20 for. Even though I understand you want it to be freeware with video???

Must be able to run the skin - Pimeer_Modern_v2 (the only skin I liked and use)
"Enqueue in winamp" context menu's.
Visualizer with Milkdrop
The EQ, Playlist editor, media library as it stands with shoutcast, bookmarks, and everything else.
Rip to flac/mp3
Metadata reading/album cover
24 bit sound
Global hotkeys
7.1 output would be nice.

Plugins that I use and I would be lost without
Minilyrics (was a great plugin, but believe their server is now turned off)
Audioburst (paid for)

I understand that everyone has their own custom setup, but this has been mine for over 10 years and has served me perfectly. The win10 default/enqueue bugs is what is annoying me most atm.

GL and I hope V6 could at minimum do all the above?
btw, those saying Winamp should change its name obviously don't understand anything about loyalty branding which Winamp has. Its a very stupid idea imo.
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