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Originally Posted by womble dung View Post
one critisism though; I WISH THERE WAS A LINUX/UBUNTU VERSION as i love using those platforms, but find their media players either nerdy or gimmicky
I've used RhythmBox in the past quite a bit, this fills my needs quite nicely so I haven't looked at any others.

Regarding DJ Egg's update post, I absolutely agree. My priority list would be basic queue functionality, album art and album metadata (FreeDB in EAC works quite well), then CD burning last. I don't remember the last time I burned a CD, most of the time I'm using EAC to turn a CD into an image file for storage, and I use that mounted in a virtual drive to read from it.

Despite being a 10+ year veteran on the forums (mostly spent in the NSIS sub-forum) I've only recently (2013) started using Winamp as my main player. I thought I would give it a go and have never looked back. I've never really been a fan of skins, so I'm just using the default blue and silver W5 skin. Using Winamp is the main reason I moved from MP3 files to Vorbis, because Ubuntu and my Android phone both support Vorbis. In the future I plan to move my collection to Opus once it is widely supported (my collection isn't very big, about 24 artists and roughly a 1000 songs).

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