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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Are you converting directly from mp3 to vorbis? I was under the impression that converting from 1 lossy format to another lossy format further degrades the quality of the file.
It does. Every time a lossy file is converted back to a bitstream, it's not an exact copy of the bitstream that created the file. So if you convert the file enough times, it will degrade down to just noise. I learned about this quite a long time ago.

I still own nearly every cd of the music that I regularly listen to, and for each shift in format I'm reading from the cd to create the lossy file. Eventually I'll transfer these cd's into digital mirror images for storage but I just don't have the space for them yet (I have a FreeNAS server with no harddrives, when money allows I'll buy a set of 12 drives and put it to use).

I'm not really an audiophile, so as long as I can't tell the difference between the original lossless format and the lossy format, happy days. The bitrates I stated earlier are roughly the rates required for transparency. On Opus I can tell the difference between a 112kbps and a 128kbps file. The 112kbps file has the high frequencies starting to run into each other, where the 128kbps file is basically transparent. I don't have any expensive headphones or audio equipment, for me the music is to fill in the gap while I do other tasks (mainly programming). I listen to post-2000 rock and metal music mostly, but I do have a collection of 80's pop/rock music that I occasionally listen to.

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