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Originally Posted by JasonFriday13 View Post
I'm not really an audiophile, so as long as I can't tell the difference between the original lossless format and the lossy format, happy days.
I understand. I can't afford to be a 'true' audiophile.

I'm over 60, but when it comes to music I still feel like the teenager I was at Woodstock. I enjoy several genres and my music collection covers several decades. Minus the artifacts introduced by turntables and tape players, some of the common lossless digital formats come very close to the 'full-bodied' sound of the old analog era. Some of the new digital formats being introduced are removing that difference.

This is why I like Winamp so much. It and the careful use of certain 3rd party plug-ins (which took me a long time to find and learn how to use) lets me hear every nuance captured in my files that my mid-range soundcard and speaker system or multichannel headphones are able to reproduce (while removing or reducing undesirable artifacts). Sometimes it is like I'm sitting in at a studio performance!

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