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Taking into account everything that's been said and done, DJ Egg's last post on this in March of this year. Is Winamp officially abandonware? a simple yes or no would suffice, otherwise every couple of days/weeks/months I get my hopes up for nothing when I check.

Yes I know there are other products out there, I don't want to use them. I know there's a skeleton crew working on this, doesn't mean they can't provide at least one line updates from time to time.

I know you will say just be patient but a man can only be so patient before he moves on with his life. Basically, I'm going to need to break up with you Winamp, if you don't get your sh*t in order pretty soon.

extra disclaimer* to any joe shmoe repliers: I know Winamp works perfectly but so does a nokia 3210 as long as you don't need it to do anything smartphone like... if you get my meaning :P
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