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Originally Posted by thinktink View Post
Version now available.

  • Code optimizations for the m4a container.
  • Memory utilization optimizations for the m4a container and encoder.
  • Minor code optimizations for code shared between the caf and m4a containers.

Last night I bench-marked some of the code and found nothing really horrendous with my code, at least relative to the encoding call. The actual encoding function call was the speed bottleneck.

But, while I was at it I figured I'd get something in there to help things along so I optimized as much as I practically could anyways.

I'm not sure you'll actually see a difference in speed, especially with standard length music files. But maybe somebody somewhere will see an improvement.


I also tested with DiskWrite (don't know why I missed to check that) and everything seems fine with it.
i just wanted to thank u again.

is this available anywhere? via dropbox perhaps?

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