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Skins for Winamp still available via Internet Archive

Originally Posted by BradyBunchFan View Post
I use Windows 7 with Winamp, it works just like a charm for me. I do have one question though. Will the Skin Browser still work though?
it doesn't work through the "get skins" link in the browser. The link is no longer valid..

.. however, thank the internet gods, for Internet Archive with its Wayback machine can save you.

That's 2014-Jan-28, and the last working date there where skins were recorded. That date and earlier have many of the skins active and available. PetaBytes of data collected in Wayback ..

This is for ALL of 2014, but remember if its after Jan 28th most like get a "Not Found / URL doesn't exist".. as you look backwards via the YEAR view, larger circles mean more was archived and hit that day.

Feast well you skin hunters!

(for bonus kudos, and the laugh of the century, check out how my countries' idiots ala 1950's tried to tell us that clean yards, painted houses, fences, and plastic covered sofa's could help us survive a f*kball nuclear blast ... Search at for "House in Middle" top 5 results should be 4 copies of it .. it was done by the National Paint, Varnish and Lacquer Association" - stupidity of the scale we have today, didn't start *today* - lol)
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