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Originally Posted by DJ-Garybaldy View Post
That all depends on how quickly the Russians are planning on starting a nuclear war...
Since D.J.T. does shit through TWTR and W.W.P. through its Aircrafts on Syria, this day is approaching :-(

Back to the topic: Apple has announced thats x86 support will be dropped soon. If Microsoft does it also for Windows, that would be the end for Winamp. I think it is not done with a simply re-compile for x64.

I think it is not wrong to say the 5.666 successor is vaporware now. As I read in some statements over the years, Radionomy does not have proficient programmers. That's probably why they don't have anyone who could manage the code as a open source project.

I don't like to say it but I believe Winamp is not in the right hands with Radionomy. Its an option to ask Mr. Frankel?
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